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Root Canals

When most people hear the words “root canal,” they immediately think of the pain. But,

contrary to popular belief, root canal treatments today are a standard, painless procedure.


The pain people usually describe is actually the pain you feel inside your tooth prior to 

treatment. This happens when the nerve inside the tooth becomes infected from a cavity or 

another type of trauma. A root canal safely and painlessly removes this discomfort and 

eliminates the pain interfering with your life.


Without a root canal, the pain can worsen and you can suffer for many weeks, months, and even years, until more costly dental surgery is required or the tooth can no longer be “saved.”


A root canal is a standard, four-step process, which is done in a few appointments, 

depending on how complex the tooth is. Prior to any treatment, the tooth will be treated with a local anesthetic, ensuring your comfort throughout the procedure. Dr. Lamberts will remove the diseased nerve, clean and disinfect the area, and seal the area with a rubbery material called gutta-percha. This seal will prevent bacteria from returning to the area, ensuring that the pain will not return. A final filling or crown will then  to place to return the form and function to your tooth. 


If you still have doubts about root canals, Dr. Lamberts invites you to contact her friendly 

staff, who will answer your questions and help you separate the facts from the myths. 

Call us at 705-759-3339 or write us at to learn more.

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