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Exam and Hygiene

Dr. Joanna Lamberts is passionate about preventative care. Having a check-up performed every 3, 6 or 9 months (depending on your needs) is the best way to prevent disease, improve your oral health and avoid more costly treatments.


Poor oral health can have serious consequences for your overall health. Oral diseases can interfere with your eating, sleeping, speaking and daily activities. Dental problems can take a toll on your self esteem, as persistent bad breath, unsightly tooth damage, and bacterial infections damage your self-confidence.  Current research is finding more links between oral disease and serious systemic diseases like heart disease and diabetes. With regular check-ups, we can catch early signs of gum disease, cavities, oral cancer and so much more


During your examination and hygiene appointments, our hygienists will remove plaque and bacteria from your teeth to prevent or treat gum disease. Using the most advanced technology and comfortable methods, we’ll have you feeling confident in your smile. Our team will review what you can do at home to better your oral health and answer any questions you may have. 


Contact us at 705-759-3339 or to schedule your next 

appointment or for advice about hygiene techniques you can use at home.

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